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Admiring a Friend's Dedication

Final year at school is pretty stressful enough by itself. After the school holidays going back to school i noticed my friend doesnt walk around and chat to other kids at lunch anymore.
Went to check what was up and realised he is now a tank of a kid.

He eats 6 or 7 sandwitches and i mean proper meat and salad with low carb dressing sandwitches split between lunch and recess
As well as protein bars during class when were supposed to be doing english. And an apple im guessing for fiber so his intestines dont explode.

I recently got sick with mrsa and lost alot of weight and it’s just good to see someone u know actually putting dedication into lifting weight and eating right instead of dicking around in the gym. Its people like this that make me annoyed that i cant be doing anything for another three weeks.

this thread delivers.

[quote]JMoUCF87 wrote:
this thread delivers.[/quote]

Like Fed-ex?