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Administering Research Chemicals


I recieved some product from a well known research co. in the states. Of course they are all liquid. What should I use a eyedropper or a syringe minus the needle? I bought Clen and letro. Would the same method be used for T3(cytomel)? I am just looking for a trick based on past experience. OK flame away>>>>>>>>>>> Should I just swallow the clen and letro or do I keep it under my tongue.


If the dropper provided has a measurement guide, use it, if not, use an oral syringe (can be purchased at most pharmacies). Drop the measured chems from the dropper or syringe into a shot glass and mix with juice or water and just swallow it down.

I'm all out of tricks now...lol.


All i do is use a needle-less syringe to measure and dose - squirting the liquid straight into my mouth.


for greater accuracy, i always used 1cc insulin pin with the needle broke off, it gives you a much more accurate indication of dosage especcially with smaller amounts...no meed to hold under tongue at all


I did the same thing jukebox said. Went to walgreens and bought a $1 dropper.


Thanks so much guys. I went into Walgreens today and asked the pharmacist were the oral syringes were. He showed me the ones they have on the shelf. I told him those will not work I need something around the 1cc range, like a insulin syringe without a needle. He went and got me two small 1cc oral syringes from in back of the counter. He said free of charge that they give these out with some oral meds. Cool!