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Adjustment Bureau


How do you guys feel about this movie?

Not so much the acting, but its presentation of free choice. To what extent? To what expense?

I completely agree that to reach your potential, you cannot be in love.

I don't think your purpose is your choice, but I do believe how you get there is.


i srsly enjoyed that movie


Oh and Emily Blunt's accent....wow


I agree that Emily Blunt is hot.


I started watching it yesterday with my mother before I got on the road to get back to Halifax. I wasn't paying full attention because we were talking and what not, but I will be re-watching it later this week because I was intrigued by what I saw.

I was paying attention when the old adjuster was giving his free will speech and I thought it was really well done and to be honest, a concept that I agree with to some extent.



I did enjoy the film, though, in all honesty I was a lil disappointed by it (I really hoped they'd have made more out of the whole change of destiny thang).

Do I believe people can achieve their potential while being in love?

^I'd say this can really go a number of ways^

For every guy that is distracted & has the motivation to achieve greatness derailed by the potential madness & complacency that being in love can breed, their is probably another guy/girl who would be positively BUOYED by having such an emotional attachment.

Avoiding apathy is key.....though, apathy can equally be a by-product of being too comfortable OR too afraid/unhappy etc.


This one could definitely use an adjustment.




We can definitely agree here, but couldn't it be argued that if one were legitimately in love it would cause contentment? How could it not?


Very much so.......though, I'd still say it comes down to the individual.

An athlete, for example falling in love 6 months before the Olympics might well lose focus with his or her training. Then again, how about an athlete with 2 or more years to prepare, falling in love in this instance might be more conducive to the athlete's preparation (especially if he/she was thinking of giving up their 'Olympic Dream' & the their lover was really supportive of their ambitions).


I've been with my girlfriend for 5 years and can easily see myself staying with her and I am certainly not content.
I get up at 7 am every day, train 5x a week and study 8 hours a day. I live so I can change the world and be remembered, I don't live so I can be moderately happy and work in an office 8 hours every day. I may not achieve my goals but I'll be damned if I don't give everything I have to do so. My girlfriend helps because she keeps my self-esteem high and I don't get distracted by any superficial nonsense.