Adjusting TRT dose

Hi guys, seeking input from those more knowledgeable than myself regarding TRT.

31 year old male. Completed first cycle of test e for about 15 weeks.
Ran test at 125mg e2d for a total of about 437.5mg/ week.
After the end of the end of the cycle I decided to transition to self administered TRT.
TRT dose was 50mg e2d for a total of about 175mg/week.
I waited 6 weeks after switching doses to re-check my bloods.
Throughout the entire process I have felt completely normal.
The only difference being on a lower dose is I have lost that extreme confidence I had when on the blast dose, feel more or less my normal self now.

Blood results

Pre cycle bloods
Oestradiol 107 pmol/L (< 150)
Testosterone 22 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
free Testosterone (calc) 459 pmol/L (150-700)
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 33 nmol/L (13-71)

Mid cycle bloods
E2 420 pmol/L (< 150)
Testo. 87 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
fTesto.c 2964 pmol/L (150-700)
SHBG 17 nmol/L (13-71)

Post cycle bloods
E2 280 pmol/L (< 150)
Testo. 44 nmol/L (10.0-33.0)
fTesto.c 1430 pmol/L (150-700)
SHBG 18 nmol/L (13-71)


  1. My total T seems to be on the high end of normal but my free T is way above the normal range. Could this be because by SHBG is pretty low?
  2. Based on these results I’m inclined to drop my dose to 40mg e2d ( ~ 140mg/week).
    I’ll do this and retest my levels in 5-6 weeks. Does that seem reasonable?

Thanks for the input guys, ideally my goals would be to have my T-levels higher than what they were to begin with without risking too many of the metabolic/ cardiovascular side effects associated with high levels of androgens.

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