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Adjusting to Tate's Benching Tips

I have decided I need to start using this as my bench has been pissing me off for a good while now while all my other lifts seem to keep going up. So I did it today, and at first it felt super awkward, and I was struggling to get 185 for 3 reps. However when I lowered it back to 155 and worked on feeling it more and more, I was able to get the hang of it a bit more, and some of them started to feel really good. There was one set where when i just did 1 rep with 185, it was like my body had no choice but to bring the bar down slow and controlled, then the second it got down, the bar literally just flew back up. The thing is though, I should at least be at a 235 for bench now, but I’m not yet.

My question is, how long will it take me to adjust to this technique and start getting those lifts and surpassing it?

Btw, I just started up westside yesterday, and so far my legs and biceps are totally thrashed, so we’ll see what tomorrow’s damage brings from today’s workout! Hoping to gain a lot of strength

No onw can say bro it depends on the individual but you will never stop trying to nail and engrain the form better and better, the tehcnique etc.


hey, I’ve been searching for this article, but can’t seem to find it. Can somebody provide a link? And is it basically to keep the elbows in and not flared out?