Adjusting to a T-Diet


i had a lot of trouble adjusting to eating enough to weight train and eating healthy (went from a ramen diet to whole grains/lots of meat/lots of veggies/some fruit diet)

so i thought i’d post this to help some newbies out who might have some of the same issues.

basically, adjusting to this new diet for me = lots of gas and indigestion. first i tried probiotics (from trader joes) and that helped some, but not much. after some time i replaced red meat with poultry or fish. (ie. use ground turkey for patties instead of ground beef, or chicken sausage for beef).

also, after cutting out dairy entirely except for yogurt and learning to eat fiber at each meal the problems got a little better. the odd thing is, it wasnt until i removed the probiotics that things cleared up completely.

yeah, nothing here is anything new or insightful- but someone w/ the same problems might find it useful.