Adjusting TM/Progress After Back Injury?

Hello ,

Aprox. 5 months ago i Injured my lower back. I had a TM of 170 kg on the deadlift before. After my injury I switched to Sumo pulling and started low… work sets 100 kg. Atm im feeling much better, but still only use a 140 kg TM for my deadlift. Which is still a lot less than before. Should I work my way up again slowly ? 5 kg each cycle? Will take another 6 cycles to get to my previous level. Or just go by feel and increase more of less depending on my form and we’ll being?


I strained an adductor in 2016 and after a small recovery period of no squats and deadlifts I started back on those two exercises with a relatively low TM. After the first two cycles I asked myself the same question. I ended up sticking with the plan and just added 10lbs per cycle. My reps were higher than normal on my + sets but I knew I was making progress so I stuck with it.

I went that route because I decided to adhere to the 5/3/1 philosophy and the following two principles:

  • Start too light
  • Progress Slowly