Adjusting Program for Barbell-Only Home Gym

so my gyms in my city are not gonna open for a few more months, probably end of july- early august. and even when it opens it will be a capacity and hard to get in when i get off work , i need help making a program that is effective for muscle growth with the equipments i currently got.
i have
-a rack that you can adjust to bench,ohp,squat (basically the compound movement), a bench, not even a olympic barbell but i have a axle barbell, it gets the job done and weights for it

I been doing a full body every daily in a PPL variation. one push,one pull, one leg workout, 3 iso workout, switchin up the movement everyday.taken a day off every third day.
example day 1. push-bench. pull-barbell row. legs-squat. 3 iso curl,shrugs and dips i know dips isnt iso but i do it for tricep.
example day 2. push-OHP pull- barbell row again. legs- lunge or box squat.and same iso.
day 3 rest and rinse and repeat
is this a decent program and what would u change or would you completely do another program with what i have?

If you’re doing full body workouts and pushing them hard, you won’t need to be daily sessions. 3-4 full body workouts per week is plenty.

What are your sets and reps for each exercise? Have you been progressing since you started training?

What was your training history before COVID?

Where’s your hamstring/posterior chain work? Why row 2 days in a row? No pullups? Conditioning work?

Not much info here.

Scrap that program, do a 3-4x/week 5/3/1 template.

lunges hit hammys pretty good for me, i do rows two day in a row atm cus im waiting for my pull up bar to come in after that i will be doing pull ups on the second day. conditioning? i do jump ropes/run

4 for 8-10, pre covid i was doing upper lower split and going to the gym about 2 years consistantly i was really enjoying my progress, its okay only been on it for about 3 weeks now just got my rack and equipment. was wondering what i can do to it to make it better, is it better just to do full body every other day

Results above all else do a tough 3 or 4 day like these…

-If want to workout a lot like 6+ days …to keep you sane/active something like this…