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Adjusted 40 Workout Strength Challenge, Grease the Groove Method

Hi just looking for advice on the following program

I plan to change the push movement to pseudo planche pushups (putting hands closer to my feet to progress)
the pull movement as pull ups
the hinge movement as one armed dumbbell Romanian deadlifts
the squat movement as overhead squat
the loaded carry as farmers walk.

the reason for these choices is im wanting to increase balance and proprioception.
my question is, is this routine now too easy as one arm dumbbell RDLs are far less taxing on the body then deadlift and also pseudo blanch pushups seem less taxing then say a bench press. should I maybe be adding some extra sets? or increasing intensity another way?
I will also be doing 2 to 3 sessions of Brazilian jiu jitsu and 2 HIT cardio sessions a week which may mean it works out for the best that im lowering intensity on the 40 workout program.