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Adjustable Plyo Box


Anybody know of anyplace else I could find something similar to this:


That one looks good but I wanted to get one a little cheaper.

Any fabricators on the web that make one?


I was looking for something similar a few years back and could not find anything cheap enough. A buddy of mine came up with the idea of building one. We bought a pair of adjustable rack stands. Took two 24"x36" pieces of treated plywood and glued them together.One on top of the other. Then bolted them to the stands. I can adjust the stand from 25"-45" and the total cost was about $120.


Thats a great idea.

You remember where you got the rack stands? This setup didnt need any kind of cross-bracing?

If you have a picture and wouldnt mind posting it, that would be awesome.


i was also looking for the same thing

i think im going to go the route of making one also.


Yeah earthshaker, please post pictures and somekind of guide how you builded that box. I think it would be very useful to several members!


Yeah, I am working on getting some pics taken. I will post as soon as I can.


cool, thanks.


Do you absolutely NEED one box that can adjust up and down?

Just build a 30" box, a 20" box, a 10" box and get a bunch of 1" hard rubber matting. Then stack to your hearts content. You can also use aerobic steps. That's going to be a lot more economical than something that adjusts.


Okay. I finally got some pics of the Plyo Stand. I will admit I had the numbers wrong. I haven't used it in a while. The wood pieces are oak and are about 20x30 and glued together with construction glue. It also adjusts from about 25"-41". The adjustable stands I got from New York barbell.

My buddy had been looking for something as the base for the stand and saw these for about $80 and free shipping. And when I talked with my buddy the total price for everything was about $105-$110. We didn't use any grip tape because we didn't really need it. We basically used some long bolts to connect the wood with the stands and large washers to cover more surface area and stronger reinforcement.

Also I had thought about making boxes of different sizes and using inch thick mats for smaller increments, but I wanted something that was easily portable. It can be easily broken down and fitted in the trunk of a compact car (i.e. civic). I have transported it to many different places for clients and myself. Hope these help






Or buy a few boxes separately so you can stack them and use them at different heights.

You could probably get a 24" or 30" box as your main box and then add a 6", 12" and 18" and have a pretty good set up.



i have a broken down service truck in my yard. i jump into the bed which is about 35-40 inches then add a concrete block or cedar block for height. stack 2x4s or whatever to get within a certain range.