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Adjustable Kettlebells


I have found the following adjustable kettlebell for sale:


It seems a good idea from both a space saving and cost perspective, but I was wondering if anyone has used a similar product and had any problems with using an adjustable kettlebell?

As someone who is planning on starting kettlebell training I would appreciate any advice.


that looks like the best adjustable one i have ever seen


IF you want it to do the full range of KB movements then it's deffo the best I've seen - looked into them a while back but decided that for my limited use (basically swings and goblet squats) to build my own out of an old 1" triceps/hammer bar.


Yes, I'd be looking at the full range of movements. I guess my main concern about an adjustable bell is if they start getting loose after a bit of wear and tear. Has anyone experienced or heard about this?


It looks like a decent shaped competition bell, and I know a few people have actually bought a light competition bell for the shell, have drilled a whole in the bottom, and made it into an adjustable bell by either adding sand and/or even pennies.

I have never tried it myself, but was surprised to hear from people like Steve Maxwell that it actually works quite well. I'd say give it a shot and let us know how it feels and holds together!


It may rattle a bit, but for a great starter bell, it looks like it will do the job you need it to do...I have come across some so called Pro line bells that were crap, this looks a lot better than some of them.


I have these. The DBs and KBs use the same weights. Both are nice.


i also have their incline bench. also very nice.


These look ok, though at lower weights are the weights secure inside it? I like the kettlestack


which, aside from a really long center screw to anchor everything (ok, just makes it a bit slower changing weights) is great. You supply the plates, so it's a lot cheaper.

-- jj