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Adjustable Dumbells

Im trying to find a good pair of adjustable dumbells, does anybody have any suggestions?

Price is not an issue.

Powerblocks…best dumbbells!!


Good luck.


I have ones that hold my regular plates. This way I don’t need to buy many additional plates (space saver).

So far I like them. I also remember Poliquin saying there is a fat bar version, but I haven’t seen it.

They sell a fat bar version at Elite, and brute strenght used to which i ordered but the Fucker never sent them to me so i would go with elite if you want the fat bar version.

powerblocks! money well spent, I have the big block kit thats goes up to 130lbs
I might have just got plates 1-8 if I had to do it again that go up to 85 and just bought stand alone dumbells after that.
as the big block kit is kind of bulky and cumbersome.

I am not a fan of plate loaded dumbell bars, takes way to much time to change it around for me.


This is the style I am most interested in, it says I have to call for a price quot, but i do not see a number to call. Also does anyone have any experience with buying a dumbell similar to this?

Those aren’t adjustable. I mean, it might be possible to adjust them, but the only reason they come apart is you can replace any broken/bent pieces, and you need a socket wrench to do it.

Iron mind has big boy dbs that will hold up to 210lbs. or they also have olympic style db. They have a site at ironmind.com.


Don’t waste your money on Powerblocks or the Bowflex version. If you want some solid and easy-to-use adjustable dumbbells, I highly recommend the Ironmaster Quick-Lock dumbbells (http://www.ironmaster.com).

I recently purchased a package that included the dumbbells with rack, super bench (the best bench I’ve ever seen!), and numerous attachments. I also purchased the additional add-on set for the dumbbells. The standard set goes up to 75lbs. I bought the add-on set so I can go up to 120lbs each.

It was by far one of the BEST investments I’ve made to my home gym besides my power rack and a 300lb Olympic Dumbbell set.

I’ve also added a lat/row attachment to my power rack and a Texas Power Bar. I now have a complete home gym that cost less than going to most gyms year after year. And I can do EVERYTHING and more.

Do it!!! You won’t regret it. The Ironmaster stuff is very high quality and worth the money. The bench is cheap compared to many others, yet it is extremely strong and adjusts easier than anything else out there. The attachments are awesome and worth getting.

Once I move into my new place, I’ll be taking pics of my new and improved set up.

powerblocks seem to be the most popular. you can check out the bowflex ones in the sears catalogue.

[quote]technic wrote:
powerblocks seem to be the most popular. you can check out the bowflex ones in the sears catalogue.[/quote]

The problem with both is that they are awkward to use for some exercises and they are made with many plastic components. You cannot drop them if needed. The Ironmasters can be dropped without damaging them.

The Ironmaster set is very similar to the fixed plate-loaded dumbbells you see at the gym. They have the same durability and feel (and no restrictions when performing exercises since they are of similar size and shape), yet, they are easily adjustable. The Ironmasters are only a few dollars more than the Powerblocks and Bowflex dumbbells and the standard set is 75lbs (versus 52.5 - 55lbs for the others) and they come with the rack.

I’ve tried the Powerblocks and Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. I almost considered getting them, but they pale in comparison to the quality and durability of the Ironmasters.