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Adjustable Dumbells


Hey Guys,

I am trying to help an old buddy buy adjustable dumbells. There are alot of choices online but I do not want to recommend something that I have not used. Have any of you used a good brand of adjustable dumbells. I think the max weight he will be looking to use will be around 80 lbs even though I will try to convince him to go heavier.

Thank You,



Honestly I would say get OLY plate loaded DB's then buy a 300lb OLY set and BB. you'll have all that and still spend less than those adjustable DB's.



Guys, lets get off of our lazy arses and do some low level research ... that thread was started less than a week ago.

Powerblocks are great ... I have a pair.



I have some made by Bowflex.Great quality.


the powerblocks are cool. i could see having a set. but i really prefer the plates to rotate.


Hey friend,

My buddy lives in an apartment in new york city. Would you still recommend the Oly DB if someone has a limited amount of space?

Thank You



I live in an apartment in DC and have a Full power rack three bars a saftey squat bar 600+lbs of weights etc. One bar, two dbs and plates will barely take up a corner.