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adjustable dumbells

Does anyone have any opinions on those powerblock dumbells? I am limited for space and they seem like a good idea but they are freaking expensive and I dont want to spend that much money on something that sucks.

They are great!

There are awesome. Clearly a must have for any home gym. I’ve got the blocks that go up to 90lbs and they don’t ever come apart, even on dynamic lifts like one arm DB snatches or DB swings.

Powerblocks are an excellent home gym item. I’ve had mine 5 years+ and never had any trouble with them. They do tend to weight a little light. My 90# actually weighs 85.5 but who really cares. They are also great for “trainers” who drive to clients homes. Easy to handle and easy to adjust.

Had the set that runs to 85lbs. for three years, and they’ve been working great!

A year ago I too was interested in power blocks, but just could’t afford them. Instead, I bought a pair of “Smart Locks” dumbell handles, and a bunch of standard plates from one of those “Wal-mart of sporting good stores”. Not sure which one you have in your area, but you should be able to buy standard plates very cheap. Hell I saw a whole 110 lb. standard set for 39 bucks the other day, so look into that too. But I digress…

The design on these smartlocks is great. Perhaps a product for the Stuff we like column. After loading your plates they look, feel and are as tight as the pro dumbells in gyms, and you can load them quick and easy. The downside is you can only build them up to 80’s. But make no mistake, these are NOTHING like the old dumbells you used to build years ago with those shoddy collars that had the screws in them. You may want to check them out, I spent about $150 total with weights and the pair of dumbells. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Good luck!