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Adjustable D-Bells For Wife


Anyone have any experience with the various adjustable d-bell designs.....Bowflex Select-Tech, Powerblock, Versa-bell, etc.?

I'm thinking about buying a set for my wife to use in our basement. We have a bunch of plates with d-bell handles that require her to change the weight. I know she'd "look forward" to her workout more if she didn't have to screw with unloading/loading plates and spinning on the collars. Thanks.


gottatrain, I have a set of Power Blocks and I love them. They're a little pricey, but well worth it since you get an entire set of dumbbells that take up very little space. Plus, they look darn cool just sitting in the living room. :wink:


If you've got money to "throw away" Sure, get them. But you can goto wal-mart and get a set with enuf weight for your wife for ~75$ and a bench to go with them for probably 30$ more. The other stuff, if i remember right is like 250$? way overpriced if you ask me. Thats like a full year membership to a gym.
Plus if she stops using em you can return them anytime for store credit to get yourself some stuff =) (good luck returning any bowflex weights)


What, do you mean those vinyl covered sets, with pairs of 3, 5, and 8-pounders, so she can 'just tone up her jiggly parts'? Are you new here?

Powerblocks will be the best bet. You should be able to find a pair of the Personal set (goes from 5-45 pounds) for around $200. There's an add-on kit that can bring it as heavy as 65 pounds, but that's it.

Their Pro set is around $250, if I remember, starts from 5-45 also, but has 2 2.5-pound adjustable inserts, so you can go in more precise increments. Also, the Pro can have an add-on to go up to 85, or 125-pounds. Powerblocks are definitely the tops, in terms of adjustable DBs.

The Bowflex ones are literally made of plastic, and don't feel sturdy. Powerblacks take a little getting used to the square, caged-feeling, but they're awesome.

There are actually a handfull of exercises you can do with them, that you can't do with "regular" DBs, like bear walks and renegade rows.

What makes you think she'd stop using them? Sounds like someone needs to learn a lesson or two from our T-Vixens. :wink: