Adjust Neurotype 2A Volume

Hello, everyone

after the diet i’m almost done with 12 weeks of muscle building from the hypertrophy guide book !!

I want to do the 2A type plan now, should I adjust the volume to the previous plan?
(in terms of volume progression)

Because the 2A plan has a lot less volume than the 12 week advanced program

Thanks for the answers greet

No, volume is normally adjusted to the intensity of the sessions. It’s NOT just a matter of gradually doing more volume.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll do it as described :slight_smile:

I’m very excited, especially for blocks 1 and 3 because I’ve never done a bodypart split (I come from powerlifting)
this will be a completely new experience for me

It’s not that easy to get the mentality out of my head more is more
(volume, frequency, weight on the barbell)
after years of high-frequency powerlifting training

In any case, I’m already highly motivated and I’m looking forward to being able to hit the new plan after a week of deloading

one more question :
What would you recommend Should I start with the 2A as described according to the current plan, see the first post, or rather with Block 2 (strength focus) because the current plan ends with a strong hypertrophy focus

greetings from Austria

block two of the new a2 plan , really good feeling, great plan :slight_smile:

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