Adjust My Training Based on TRT?

I had my testosterone levels checked, and they were really low:

Test Name Result Abnormal Reference Range

I just had my first shot of replacement testosterone today (200mg), and I’m going to be on 200mg every two weeks. Should I just keep training as I normally would, because I’m just taking T to get back to ‘normal’ levels, or will I be able to make better gains if I adjust my training somehow?

According to the noob FAQ, I should post this info:

I’m 27 years old, 5’8", 115lbs. I squat 180, bench 140, deadlift 210, and clean 130. I usually lift three days a week, and have been doing that for three years. Normally, I only lift as something to do on days that I’m not climbing, and adjust my periodization to match the bouldering and sport climbing season, but I figure since I’m going to be on steriods, I might as well take advantage to try to gain as much strength as possible.

Everything I’ve read on TMuscle and online says I’ll be able to train more often if I’m on testosterone. If I could lift 3 days a week with my anemic testosterone levels, shouldn’t I be lifting more often now?

Holy shit are you really 115lbs? Wow you gonna love TRT and what its going to do for you. I would not inject 200mg every 2 weeks. Talk the doc into 100mg every week. You will have to many highs and lows if you dont. I would say it will take 2 month before you start feeling the full effect. You have to start eating dude!!! My wife is 113lbs 5’1" and is skinny. Eat Eat Eat! I would recommend staying heavy on your lifts. Try Wendlers 531 program for 4 days a week. After a few months see what your progress is and you may even want to go rouge and find more test.

Thanks for the tip! I’m definitely eating more – I’m forcing myself to wolf down something with protein in it every 3-4 hours even though I don’t have much of an appetite between regular meals.

Dude, TRUST ME, 200mg every 2 weeks is a awful plan. Your gonna be on a emotional rollercoaster. Test is only gonna do its thing for 4-6 days and that leaves a long time with nothing until your next shot. Definetely do 100 mg once a week. This sounds like typical protocol from a Urologist that knows nothing about TRT. If your giving yourself injections, just do it, if not tell your Doc you need once a week shots. If she/he does not agree find a new doc because your life will suck with one shot every 2 weeks.

Even better still, do what I do and inject 50 mg twice per week. This way I get absolutely now highs/lows and just feel good all the time. This is really only practical if you inject yourself at home, if you’ve got to go to the docs office then one per week is the way to go.