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Adistar vs. PowerPerfect II

Has anyone tried either shoes out along with the Ironwork III? I’m currently using Ironwork IIIs and was wondering which is more similar. Also, which one did you feel was the better shoe? Is the higher price tag for the Adistars worth it?

i use the powerperfect IIs. they’re good shoes… they seem to be holding up well and they’re very solid. in the end its not about your shoes… its about how strong you are. in a lot of the old european texts they’ll say you know something like “in -10 celcius in training facility we lift with no heat barefooted on dirt”

but yeah do i think the higher price tag is worth it? no

My bro and my mate don’t like their Adistars 08. They said they flex too much but like the lightness of them.

No one says a bad thing about the PowerPerfect II’s though.


[quote]Koing wrote:
My bro and my mate don’t like their Adistars 08.


what size are they?

Bro has 9 and other mate has 9’s also.

Everyone has all around love for the 04 AdiStars! Really nice pair of lifting shoes.