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Adidas Powerlift 2.0 or Warrior Wei Rui

I am considering getting one of these for squats as they are reasonably priced. From what I could tell from searching is that the warriors may be of better quality due to the strength and height of the heel, but are obviously lacking in the aesthetic department. Style isn’t a major concern but if there isn’t much of a difference between the two, I would definitely prefer the powerlifts 2.0. Both pairs will essentially be the same price after using online codes for adidas so that isn’t a factor. Would these shoes be worth the $90 or is paying double for the higher end shoes really worth it? Totally new to lifting in these kinds of shoes as I have previously been lifting barefoot.

Why do you feel you need a heeled shoe?

I ask this only because I went out and bought the Adipowers only to find out a heeled shoe actually hinders my lifting performance, I squat better in Chucks, the heel kicks me forward too much in the Olympic shoe

If you’re not an olympic lifter or squatting over 450, then any of the lower end shoes will work fine. The powerlift are more like a hybrid shoe, they are more forgiving on jumping (box jumps), whereas I’m pretty sure the Wei Rui are a dedicated olympic lifting shoe. Before you shell out the 90 bucks, take some time and squat with a plate under your heels. If you immediately feel stronger, get the shoes. If you feel even just a little stronger, get the shoes. If not, don’t get the shoes.

I have had 550 in the power lifts no problem and my partner has taken 675 in them and uses them weekly.

^I’d just heard that compared to the power perfect/ adipowers, they had a lot more give in the heel.

I have owned the Adidas Powerlift 2.0 shoes since January and really love the shoes. I am nowhere near as strong as Reed and some of the other guys on this site but I can feel a difference in lifting in my Chucks and the Powerlift shoe especially when squatting (front or back). I never had problems hitting depth with back squats before I bought these but the .6" raised heel helps me get there a lot easier with more stability.

Going ass to grass with front squats with the shoes became a lot easier as well. What surprised me most about the shoe was how I felt much more stable in the overhead press than in my Chucks. They are also comfortable for any type of jumping movements as well. I do not recommend trying to run in them. The toe has some give to it but not that much. I normally wear a 13 running shoe but I bought the Powerlift 2.0 in a 12.5 and they fit perfect.