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Adidas Power Perfect II Shoes


Does anyone have experience with these? Buy or pass? Thanks.


I've had no direct experience with these but a lot of the adidas shoes tend to be a bit narrow for me. Personally I'm a bigger fan of the nike romaleos and I had good experiences with the rogueand pendlay Do-win shoes as well.


I got my pair about 2 weeks ago. I would say that I have wide feet and these shoes are a perfect fit. Solid shoe. I hope they last long.. I bought mine from dynamic-eleiko which happens to be located less than 100 miles from me but there were a lot of problems including "the shoes went to los angeles instead of seattle" and "the shoes are in a warehouse somewhere" that meant it would be 3 weeks before they would be shipped out.. i got them the same day they shipped.

the shoes are great though. snazzy. they run true to size with your dress shoe


I have them and have only had good results. I would highly reccomend. But remember, its just a shoe. Any lifting show will cut it if it fits well.


I've got used to them but it took a while; they feel a lot softer in the heel than my old Ironwork IIs but in terms of fit there's no complaints! I'd say go for it.


My lifting buddy wears Ristos, today he tried on my Adidas - he noted that the heels on the Adidas was considerably higher.


I had ristos and switched to adidas when the Ristos fell apart. Poor quality in my opinion. Heel size is similar though. I wear size 11.5


They are the only type of weightlifting shoes I've tried so I can't really comment on quality, but mine are the exact same fit as other adidas shoes I have (golf shoes, adidas special indoor shoes etc.)