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My girl friend has ADHD. Shes always hyper, scatter brained etc. She’s tried a few fat burners I use and they dont seem to have an affect like when I take them (I get hyper, jittery at times, so I know its working). Could it be these products dont really have an affect on her? Coffee, etc doesnt do anything for her. Any suggestions or alternative suppliments would be great. Thanks!

Awhile back, a T-Mag contributor (Brian Batchelor, I believe) recommended Power Drive with ritalin for increased focus for his athletes. I am unsure of how much ritalin, but you might want to search for this article and see if you can apply it to your situation.

People with ADHD react differently to stimulants like fat burners or even recreational drugs. any kind of “upper” that would make a normal person hyper and jittery will make some with ADHD or ADD more balanced and focused. I had a freind who was ADHD and did lots of cocaine. When he did it, instead of getting all wired and antsy like most people do on cocaine, he got really calm and would just sit there and be almost normal. When he wasn’t doing blow he would be really talkative and hyper.

jakewnet44is right about ADHD and drugs. It’s called a paradoxical effect.
For an adult with ADHD - Ritalin might not be the answer. Try a drug in the SSRI family. Effexor is the first one mentioned for adults.
Downsides to SSRI - weight gain.

DHA (fish oil) has been shown to help the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

My son is six years old, this seems to work for him, quite effectively actually, but I am uncertain it will work on an adult. Well here it is: 3 grams Power Drive, 100 mg DMAE, and 500 mg omega 3 fish oil, in the morning, in the afternoon we give him another 500 mg fish oil, and to get him a good night sleep 1 mg melatonin.

Now he is about a 70 pounder, so obviously the dosing would have to be adjusted for the size weight of the individual, but give it a whirl. I would probably recommend for an adult the regular serving size of Power Drive and doubline the fish oil and DMAE. The melatonin is also a pretty effective sleep aid.

I was able to use this insted of ritalin for my son and as I said it has been very effective; put it this way, if he does not get this stuff in the morning it reflects in his attitude for the rest of the day.