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ADHD and Bodybuilding. Advice?


hey guys im 18 and have been on the Ritalin for a while now and am curious to whether it's gonna lead to horrible side effects if i start taking pre workout nitric oxide sups in addition to it. Ritalin itself is a stimulant so yeah...my normal does for it is 2 caps in the morning and 2 with dinner. my training is quite spontaneous due to studies/work.


Ask a doctor....


You know you're in trouble when you're worried that taking L-arginine is going to cause horrible side effects O.o

Short answer: No.


I have a controversial attitude about medications: unless you are going to run down to the street naked you don't need to be medicated. All that chemical imbalance shit is broscience.

Learn to cope and focus without it and you will be a better person. It might be hard for a while, but you will be a physiologically stronger individual when it's all said and done.

Don't take the blue pill.


Don't say that unless you have it.

People who ACTUALLY have ADHD (which is about 2% of those who claim it... and being diagnosed means nothing because you can fake a doctor easily) just plainly CAN'T "force" themselves to focus. It's literally not just something you can do by trying harder.

I was prescribed a pretty high dose of adderall and it improved the quality of my life and schoolwork dramatically back in college. I don't take any now because I'm just not comfortable with putting myself on a stimulant for the next 40 years of my life, and I can functionally exist without it. It was nice to actually remember conversations when I took it though, people have to have the same 10-minute conversation with me several times now before I remember it. Really sucks for dating especially.

The bigger problem is the vast majority of people who think they have it, don't. Also I'm a big believer it's a rainbow thing and not black/or/white... I'm sure a lot of people have a minor imbalance but it's not a yes or no question. Probably shouldn't take it unless the case is extreme. If you're taking ritalin/adderall and DON'T have ADD you're really fucking yourself in the long run.


Sorry, did not mean to sidetrack the thread.

My original response was: Why are you taking Nitric Oxide?


Everyone bashes N.O. in here. What's wrong with it? When I take it I am much more energized and focused. Obviously you're going to have better workouts in those conditions.


Because caffeine would likely have the same effect for a fraction of the cost.


For me, it doesn't. there's other stuff in N.O. that gets ya going. But yes, coffee is much cheaper.


"I have a controversial attitude about medications: unless you are going to run down to the street naked you don't need to be medicated. All that chemical imbalance shit is broscience."

Cool story, bro.

After all, all those afflicted with serious psychiatric illnesses--depression, anxiety, various mood and personality disorders and addictions--should all do away with medication and serious psychological counseling. After all, most or all aren't running down the streets naked nor are they talking to dogs or hearing voices.


The only good drugs are all illegal : )


I beleive Cocnerta is a stim free ADHD med.


Concerta has the same effects as adderall if not more powerful (definitely stronger than ritalin). I've taken all three recreationally and for last minute studying.


This post is retarded. Chemical imbalances are very real.

Treating them with amphetemins, tranquilizers and lithium may not be the best answer but letting something go completely untreated is just as bad for some poeople.

What's that basis of your opinion?


Jesus , I'm troubled with the fact that ADHD is over diagnosed but really? Bro science? I don't post much, but your points are retarded.

Most ADHD treatments will be stimulants. Concerta is just a novel dosage form, and extended release. Non amphetamine adhd treatment would include , clonidine, gaufanicine, modifinal,bupropion.

To the OP, Please do some research and ask your doctor. An internet forum is not the right place for you to ask questions about that when you have other complications. Taking excessive amounts of caffeine with your medication can be harmful.


You know 'Nitric Oxide" is just L-arginine? Any thing that get's you going is going to be the added caffeine in the product.


Maybe it was over the top, obviously if your talking to dogs and have personality disorders you need meds. I personally know people who have chemical imbalances and manic depressive tendencies that have overcame it without use of prescriptions.

Ritalin and adderol to focus? I was diagnosed with ADHD also, meds are not the only solution.

I remember being depressed in high school and having doctors trying to shove anti-depressants down my throat; I'm glad I didn't take the blue pill because that opens the door to multiple other meds/prescriptions.

I did include the disclaimer my attitude was controversial, no need for everyone to start barking.


N.O. Xplode is what I was referring to. It has a different feeling than just caffeine though. Kinda like Spike... much better than a cup of jo.


I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 8. When I was 15 I went to a naturopath who put me on a cleanse diet for my abused digestive tract and told me that all I had were a few allergies. Ritalin was the worst experience of my life, and if I can put any advice forward look into alternatives.


Sugar + caffeine in an extremely overpriced product that makes you feel empowered upon purchasing it will do that to you!

Placebo is a hell of a drug.