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ADHD / ADD Discussion

Hi all who are distracted,

I have a couple questions for those of you who have been diagnosed with ADHD as I was as a child. Despite being diagnosed as a young child 6-7, I still think I have ADHD. My mom took me off of Ritalin after about 6 months, when she read it could stunt my growth. I think I coped well in school as I could pick things up really quickly. I would usually do well on tests and poor on projects. I think this has to do with being able to retain information quickly. I was able to make it through college and get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I found learning the topic really interesting, but again did well on tests and poor on projects (many times not completing them).

I find now that I have been working as an engineer for about 6 years, that it is almost impossible to motivate myself to start a project, if I do start I lose interest so quickly (under 10 minutes).

I recently switched jobs as my previous job was catching up to me, and I was not doing well with my boss because of mentioned issues (I did generate a lot of IP for the company, and developed most of the mechanisms for the two products that were released in my time there, but couldn’t do routine tasks well at all). I got a really good job now (close to home, window office, and I like the environment), and really want to keep it. I don’t want my ADHD to catch up to me, but I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do what I need to. I haven’t gotten in trouble yet, but I get anxiety about it almost every day, which leads to insomnia. Every night I am thinking about what I will do the next day, then I can’t seem to do it the next day. It is extremely frustrating.

A question I have, is has medication helped long term? I know it will work short term as I learned a semester of linear algebra in a day on Adderall. I worry that in a year I’ll be in the same spot, but hopped up on prescription meth.

Have other treatments worked for you? Counseling?

Any tricks to actually do things you don’t want to do? I am really good at doing stuff I like, but it is very hard to do things I don’t. I think the fact that I found most of Mechanical Engineering interesting was a key to my college success. I didn’t go to class much as it was to boring (and I would not pay attention anyways), but the subject matter on the whole was pretty interesting to me.

If you are on meds, do you get drug screened? What are they screening for? Just making sure that you are not on amphetamines before hand? Making sure your are not selling your prescription? I do use a little MJ from time to time, so it is important to know if they screen for this.

Do you have to have an appointment every 3 months? Seems like a PITA to me, but would be worth it.

Let me know your experiences. Sorry for the ramble format.