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Adex While Off Cycle


I am just finishing up PCT from a Test E only cycle. I am starting to feel like crap and achy as I used to before I ran the cycle. I was wondering if running Adex for .25mg or .50mg EOD would help free up enough natural test to feel better and not hinder my recovery. Any input would be helpful. I had trouble finding anything on this, specifically, in my time spent searching.


What are you running as PCT?


week 1-2: 40mg nolva
week 3: 20mg nolva


I would recommend running the nolva for longer not the Adex. The 20mg should sort you out just run it for another week or 2 extra.


Are you saying that running an extra week of nolva will help get rid of the "achy-lazy" feeling.


Also, I stopped the adex when I started pct...I was talking about starting it up again after pct was finished.


I think a blood test is the only way to tell.

Estradiol is cheap to get tested through Private MD Labs. I think it is worth the investment.


I am merely asking about running adex, off cycle, to free up some natural test because I feel like crap. I am unsure of the dosage that would help, and still not hinder any of my recovery(if there is such a dose). I am not saying that I feel like crap because I think my estrogen levels are higher than normal,and I am also not saying that I am planning on using adex to control it. Maybe I misconstrued my original statement. Also, I am now already finished with my pct.


Now someone correct me if I'm wrong but when u feal achy and lethargic isn't that because of your estrogen is too low?


This sentence is woefully contradicted.


That is one factor that seems to give these symptoms.

The fact that he felt like this before the cycle, points to the possibility of it being something else (IMO) - this coupled with the fact he has just come off an aromatisable steroid cycle.

However IMO he needs a proper consultation with someone, as not knowing a thing about him makes it impossible to give any really useful help (full lifestyle, training, medical and health history [from when the symptoms started till current day - including bloods if possible] plus further personal information too - of course it may well be low E, but it is impossible to determine for sure without a full assessment).

Anything suggested for such a subjective problem is really just guessing at this point and all he can hope for is advice on how to run an AI if someone was using it off cycle to boost T levels. He wont get advice on what the problem actually is.

I only say it so there are no misconceptions in the advice he can hope for at this point.



Just to give a little background on me: I am 33 and I work as a barber standing all day, I rarely sit down at all, on most days I eat my lunch standing. I work 45-50 hrs a week.

Obviously this is hard on my feet/ankles, knees, and back (which 3 and 1/2 yrs ago I herniated a disc). This is why I say I felt achy-lazy before my cycle. Standing in one spot all day is extremely hard to do without some sort of daily aches and pains. I had been training as much as possible after a 6 month lay-off with the back injury. I felt like I really needed a boost in training, after almost 2 years back. To do so, I wanted to plan a cycle. After another year of training, reading and researching this site and talking with experienced users, I ran a Test E cycle. During the 4th or 5th week of the cycle, I noticed an unbelievable feeling. I could do dead lifts for the first time since hurting my lower back, I was 100% pain free, and overall, felt like I was 18 again!

I say that I am feeling "achy" like I am back to normal, because that is how I have felt for years.

I drew my own conclusion as to trying to boost test to get a little of that "well oiled machine" feeling back. I realize I should get blood work done before trying to experiment with the adex without knowing what my levels are.
Thanks for all previous responses


EXACTLY - this is the difference between seeking advice professionally and attempting to solve issues on a public forum.

As you notice most automatically assumed that you had low *estrogen - even though you had just come off a cycle (where E is usually high) and they knew nothing about your history.

This is the reason i immediately suggest that a 'real' consult is needed rather than looking to a public forum.
As i have been a trainer for a number of years now i have long learnt that not all is as it seems.

*Understandably so, as the vast majority of users are just that, only users and they can only ever go by what they experience personally or may read about, with the most common denominator for achy joints here often being related to the sex hormones on a steroid site.

You are feeling back to normal, your recovery is back and if your libido is normal (ie. what it was before the cycle at least) then you are recovered.

As for your training recovery, energy levels, exercise intensity and joints -

Eat/supplement plenty of fish oils
And try:
Creatine/Ribose/Beta Alanine

Also try to sit down for a few minutes each day as apart from general discomfort, DVT is also a very real possibility.



Thanks for the insight, as always, you are more than helpful! I will take your advice on the above mentioned, also, I am going to research DVT, because I am unfamiliar with it.


Deep Vein Thrombosis mate.