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Adex Surpress Dbol Gains?


Ive heard that adex surpresses dbol gains.

This is my cycle, let me know what you think, and also how to not surpress dbol gains lol…

The goal with this cycle is to bulk at a 700 surplus the first 8 weeks, and from 8-12 cut at a 500 deficit. And then do a 100-200 surplus during pct.

Im 26, 16%, 225, 6’4, 3 cycles containing test e and dbol, 5 yrs training

Prop, Tren, Dbol, Winny


100mg Tren Ace E/O/D - Week 1-10

85mg Test Prop E/O/D - Week 1-12

30mg Dbol E/D - Week 1-4

50mg Winstrol E/D - Week 8-12

250iu HCG x2 weekly - Week 1-13 (start end of week 1

0,5mg Adex EoD (adjusted if needed)

0.25mg Caber E3D

PCT - Weeks 13-17 (19 for nolva)

(2 days after last pin)

Clomid 75/50/50/50
Nolva 40/20/20/20/20/20


A 700calorie a day surplus is not enough on cycle. How are you calculating that. If you want to bulk BULK. I’ve never really gained much fat on tren, I often have trouble keeping my fat up (I start to feel sick at 6%, I’ve been caliper and float tested). I may alone on this though.

Cycle advice:
Id personally up the ace abit. 400-600 ew was perfect for me. Why nolva and clomid together? And why the adex? If anything just lower your prop until you are almost done with bol. The reason you take test is to have estrogen in your system for your sex drive. No one likes tren dick.

Now onto your initial question. Adex is going to stop you from bloating on dbol (witch is my favorite part of it.) It won’t make it any less anabolic, but I personally get a big boost from the bloat. My joints feel better, and it lets me push myself and get the most bang for my buck out of dbol.


Hmm, so my first tren cycle and i should do 500mg ew? I just traded winny for eq, im doin 500mg eq from 1-12 now


Start with 120mg EOD and see how you feel and go from there. Winny for EQ is a good trade IMO. More keepable and better on your joints. Watch out for the appetite increase of you are trying to cut the last few weeks. Clen can also work miracles on tren.


are you fucking kidding? I thought that was too much. The dude is already carrying a fair amount of bodyfat.

I also disagree with running the tren ace that high for his first time. I think it’s better to see what a lower dose does first, and assess how tolerable the side effects are, since tren ace can be pretty rough.

Agreed that adex does not affect dbol gains. That’s nonsense.


I have a supper high metabolism, but eat between 4.5 and 6k calories when on cycle. I get where your coming from being that he has higher bf℅, but that’s Allot more than this guy is talking about.

And the results at 400 vs 350 were night and day for me. I got less negetive sides at that mg than I did running test at 750. So it may be individual.

Tren and dbol go really well together though. 10/10 best 4 weeks of gains I’ve had in my life.


Going to have to disagree with prilepin. There is a need for estrogen for maximum gains but @ .5mg EOD you’re fine. Don’t up the tren or cals especially if first cycle and 16% bf. My first cycle of tren I ran Ace 100mg/eod, prop 100 EOD, Mast 50Mg EOD and I was making great gains on 2500 cals @ 200lbs 10%bf. It’s used for recomp for a reason.

I feel like you’re trying to do too many things in a short time, my $.02. I’d do everything the same but cut your cals to a 300-500 deficit entire time and change based on what’s happening in the mirror. Unless dropping under 8%bf, you can make gains while in deficit on tren.