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Adex Scheduling Conflict?


I know from TRT that adex should be taken the morning of the shot and about 3.5 days later. This is what I have been doing and hit the sweet spot of 22 E2.

However, now I am on the following cycle:
500mg test e (250mg x 2) per week
100mg oral Primobolan ED (1-4/6)
50mg oral trest PWO only (throughout cycle or when I run out)

Now, I know that there is no aromatization with Primo. I am more concerned about the test e and trest, which do.

I take my shots on Monday and Thursday; I cannot change this.

My last adex dosing has been the mornings of Thursday, Saturday, and will be on the morning of my shot on Monday. However, sticking by the EOD suggestion, I wouldn’t be able to take adex on the morning of my shot on Thursday. Will this be a problem?

Shot: [Mon] Tues Wed [Thurs] Fri Sat Sun [Mon]
Adex: [Mon] Tues [Wed] Thurs [Fri] Sat [Sun] Mon [Tues] Wed [Thurs]

As you can see from above, my [adex] and [shots] are taken on the respective days and there will always be one day, when following the EOD suggestion, that I have a shot that cannot have adex taken in the morning. Will this be a problem, or will the half-life of adex somewhat counter-balance this scheduling conflict?


Adex works for about 48 hours. Test spikes about 24 hours after injection so you can time your Adex based on that. Your ratio of Adex to T doesn’t stay the same when you go on cycle. So even though on TRT the staple is 1mg Adex per 100mg/test you don’t all of a sudden use 5mg. Way too much. Cycles are short in comparison to your year so I don’t think will be able to dial your self in for a cycle. Probably best experimenting with upping your Adex, say add .5mg 3x per week and see if you develop any symptoms from which you could increase it.


Thanks. I’m doing 0.5mg EOD right now.

My main concern was dosing times. With TRT, it’s advised to take adex the morning of your shot.

Now that I’m taking 250mg test on Monday and Thursday, with the advice of EOD dosing for cycles, it’s impossible to take adex on the day of the shot every week.

It was a schedule conflict, which has somewhat been answered… that it really doesn’t matter.

Gyno should be no problem. I’m gyno prone and take 10-20mg nolva ED to prevent puffy nipples anyway. It’s the other stuff I’d be mainly worried about (dry joints, etc.).


With TRT you can take Adex the day of or the day after your shot. If you take it split 3x a week you should have a good bit in your system through the week so I think your timing should be resolved.


You are overthinking this too much. Split it evenly over a week ED or EOD and you’ll be fine.