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Adex Question

I’ve searched around and heard numerous things about adex. Just have a quick question months after cycle my e2 was at 67 so I have been running adex at .25 eod and got some bloods last weeks waiting for results. Im havent felt “normal” yet but right now im at the point if I take my adex i feel a bit sluggish and its a little tougher to get hard but on the day i should take my next dose I feel closer to normal so if I skip that day the following is a battle to get it back up…seems to be very up and day. I tried e3d also same things…any ideas?

My e2 is at 36…looking to drop it down into 20’s but why having libido issues with a small does and yet still in normal range? is it throwing my ratio off?

Optimum e2 levels are said to be at 22.

So your e2 is still too high.