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Adex Question


I am on week 4 of 12 of a 500mg/week Test cycle and taking my HCG as well

This is my first cycle and so far so good.

In the beginners cycle planing tread it is advised to use .25 Adex.

The one that I have is in capsules and splitting in 4 is pretty much impossible.

I have been advised to use it just if I show signs of gyno but I believed that it can be used to decrease water retention and sizes from high estrogen.

Now I am confused.

Should I use it anyways?

Which dose and when?



You have a nerve to come here all contrite whenever you need info (which in this case is amazingly basic) after having pulled your prima donna shit repeatedly to date.

Do it once, we chalk it up to experience.

Do it twice and we'd have to be suckers for punishment to assist you.


Just get a pill cutter from a local pharmacy. They are easy to use and it will divide the pills up perfectly. I think they are around $5.

And yes just use the adex. Why even risk having gyno flare up.


Did you miss me woman?


Thank you


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You are very receptive of this reply, even though it is not really helpful at all to your plight! Have fun using a pill cutter on a capsule!

There are two options to you:

1) Dose 1mg every 2-4 days. This is less than optimal, but better than nothing.
2) Empty the contents and split into 4 equal parts, consuming 1-2 parts a day.

I suggested from 0.25mg upto 0.5mg/day, simply as for many 0.25mg is not enough to control Estrogen from 500mg/wk Test.




I have implemented option 1.

Have a great day