Adex Question

I am on a basic test e cycle 500mg/w. Also taking HCG 250/e3d. My question is regarding correct adex dosing. On the n00btard cycle sticky it suggests adex be taken .25mg EOD, but elsewhere on this site I have been advised to take it ED. I am under the impression that dosing it isnt an exact science and may vary from person to person, but speaking generally which strategy do you feel is preferable?

Also, I will be adding dbol in at week 5 and intend to up the adex to .5mg, if that makes any difference.


Gauge estrogen sides like:

Bloating = elevtated estrogen => Raide Adex dose

Achy Joints = too low estrogen => Lower Adex dose.

You may need as much as 0.5 mg/d (Adex) when you add dbol bepending on how many mg/d and your sensitivity to Adex and your specific tendency IRT aromatization.

[quote]funmetal wrote:
I’m prone to estrogen sides so I take 0.25 mg ED. At 0.25 EOD I get itchy tits.

Well then that settles it… ED it is. I think I’d rather titrate back from a excessive dose and risk the joint discomfort than try to adjust upwards and end up flirting with moobs.