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Adex Question for Low Dose Cycle


I'm almost a week in to a very low dose Test prop cycle. Basic 100mg EoD, 50mg proviron ED. I have Nolva 20mg caps for PCT, and also started taking arimidex (liquid) .25mg E3D.

My question is do I even need the arimdex in the cycle, or can I just apply it if symptoms pop up? Last cycle I did was about a gram of sustanon a week, back in college and didn't even need the adex. I've heard its not really needed unless bloating is an issue and it can smash your sex drive my lowering estrogen too much.

Thanks all.

Edit: Also thinking about increasing to 150mg EoD and was curious on thoughts of 100 vs 150mg.


I'd keep it. That is a very minimal dose. In fact if you choose to raise your test I'd up the AI to .5 EOD. 150mg EOD is 525/wk. Commonly used Adex dosage at this level is .5EOD.

IMO you heard wrong. An AI on cycle is very important. There are side affects of high estrogen that you can't see or feel. An AI is cheap insurance against a whole number things. Do you really want high estrogen in your body? Look at what estrogen does to women. I'll pass on that crap.


Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you sir.


Definitely started hitting me the other day. Feeling way more aggressive in the weight room. Sex drive is down a bit but today is only day 7 so I'm sure it will pick up.