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Adex Price


Just curious as to some of the prices you guys may be getting on Anastrozole.


Adex 60ml @ 1mg/ml - $70




wow i see things never change


Ouch! Currently living in Brasil and not too sure on the risk yet for importing.

Fortunately I have a Doctor willing to prescribe for me...

Unfortunately, when I was checking prices at the local pharmacies, I was quoted 500 reais, which is equivalent to about 250 dollers, per mg.


Surely not $250 per mg. The arimidex tabs are much more expensive than Adex, but not that much.


Deffinately must of been a missunderstanding.

I only moved to Brasil 6 months ago, so my portuguese is not that great as of yet.


That's actually kind of funny. Maybe they just see you coming and break out that second price book. j/k.

A possible alternative, if by chance the prices actually are exorbitant, is to order from an overseas pharmacy. Since you actually have a script, you're better off than most.


FYI it is $380 for 30 count, 1mg tablets. Assuming you have a script and no insurance coverage. At least in the United States.

I am aware that the above is the far less traveled route.





Do you brew your own?


Maybe baby..


Here: $50-70 60mg
There: USD60 200mg
Somewhere else: legit box 40, 1mg tabs in blister packs $180
Around the corner: .25 per mg.


$100 for 1000ml at 1mg/ml


Damn, that's really good.


I pay about $1/mg


50 x 1mg tabs in thailand pharmacy US$117


Yeah I just got the same in Bangkok for $100. 50mg will last me a damn long time so I reckon it's a good deal for the pills.


I agree.. that IS good for the pills - unless they are simply UG pressed powder pills..

If they are pharma quality that is a great price.