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Adex Over-Responder on Nebido


I’m an adex over-responder. With liquid adex (1mg=1mL) I get E2=6.5 pg/mL (10-40) with 5 drops and T was then 8080 pg/mL. Not feeling good sexually at this level. With adex off I get E2=32 and T was 7500. Not feeling good either. Insomnia and not sexually either. But was feeling great in between.

So I figured I need to take 1.5 drops (with 1mg=1mL) i.e. 3 drops (with 0.5mg=1mL) to reach E2=22 pg/mL with T around 8000.

But with Nebido my T varies between 14000 and 6000, see below. The x-axis is the week number. So my E2 will vary as well.
Should I go for

  1. 1.5 drops and have E2 vary from 16 to 38
  2. 2 drops and have E2 vary between 12 and 27?

I don’t feel like changing adex dose depending on the week after the injection. And I understand that the ratio T/E2 is whar really matters.

Looks like you submitted the post before you finished typing. Might want to edit in whatever’s missing.

Those TT levels seem … off

Never mind I just can’t read units lol

You might feel not so good when you make a protocol change. Stop using the AI and give yourself time. It could take up to 6 months before really noticing the positive swing of things. I think I spent about 4-5 months sorta reminding myself to think about sex and I did have genuine times in which I was thinking about sex. But ever since I began to go back to work and to go outdoors, I noticed how much more Im thinking about sex. Women look tastier, and this is happening months into my consistent protocol with no changes. If you make a change, and then feel off, then decide to make another change, you will never feel right. Drop the AI and focus on your protocol not changing. Do this for more than 12 weeks. 24weeks is a better place to make decisions that will lead you into a smoother TRT experience.

Thanks. I will try to resit the temptation of changing and continue to monitor my E2 as time goes by.