Adex or Proviron ?

i know that proviron isn’t a AI neither a SERM, it’s a in between drug, please correct if im wrong…

it is ok to substitute proviron intead of adex in a
12 weeks of 500mg/wk test e
1-4 weeks of dbol

letrozole in case of gyno


while i am yet to try dbol, everything that i have read recc adex… From anecdotal evidence it seems that proviron would NOT be a suitable substitute when using DBOl. DynamoHun just ran a cycle of DBOL/test/provirion and i remember him having to throw in adex as well…its a great log with practically the same cycle id look it up if I were you.

Im sure it would help for you to post your dosage of the dianabol as well…