A'dex or Nolva Legalities

I’ve heard various reports from non reputible sources that a’dex and nolva are not illegal to posses without a prescription in Canada, I always thought they were under the same class 3 felony charges of AAS and street drugs. If anyone has any info on this, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

They’re prescription. About 2 months back I ordered some aromasin and nolvadex from the states and my order got seized. I got a letter from customs telling me it was “Importation of a prescription (Schedule F) drug by a person other than a practitioner, pharmacist or foreign resident visiting Canada”. The funny part was that I had ordered some IGF and MGF along with it, and it wasn’t even mentioned. It “magically-disappeared”, probably into some customs officer’s pockets.

Also, AAS aren’t class 3 drugs. They’re class 4 and you can possess them for personal use in Canada, you just can’t buy or sell them, lol. So I guess if a cop asks you, you “found” that vial of deca…


Right on, thanks for the info.

And just for your own personal info. The majority of the time these research chems make it across the border without and issue. They also are much much cheaper this way than from any source selling products from an UG lab.