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Adex Off-Cycle

Did a search already, didn’t turn up anything…

What happens if you take adex off cycle? Would such a thing be advisable under certain circumstances?

Just curious.

There have been several threads that have touched on this recently. Here is an excerpt from our resident guru Bill Roberts:

“On maintaining cuts and vascularity but without being really “on cycle” and still maintaining your natural testosterone production, you could use letrozole to keep estradiol levels low normal. I think a good starting point is about 0.36 mg/day. A liquid product makes such fractional dosing easy. For example, with the product I use, which is at 2.5 mg/mL, that is 8 drops from the particular dropper that is provided. Ideally you’d test estrogen levels after a few weeks. A salivary test from ZRT is inexpensive.”