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Adex Necessity?


29, 6'2", 274#, 20%

Ok, I posted here a while ago concerning a low test cycle but I decided to take everyone's advice and at least see for myself what Test does to my body. These doses are split in two injections.

1-12 500mg Test C
1-10 300mg Deca (500 frontload)
4-15 hCG 250iu E3D
15-17 Nolva 40/20/20
?-? Adex

I suppose there must be some level of steroids where you absolutely have to take an AI to avoid gyno. I assume my cycle is well below that guaranteed threshold. I will be looking out for puffy/itchy nips. Im posting here to see if I might want to start the Adex right away as a preventative measure against gyno and also to keep the bloating down. The Adex was expensive so Im somewhat reluctant.

Im looking for info on the other effects of Adex besides gyno supression to see if they might justify taking it throughout the cycle and not just as a gyno flare up remedy.


You definitely want to start taking it pronto. The hCG along with the test and deca, will start to give you some decent estrogen buildup as you go along.

Since you are not taking anything to control possible prolactin sides with the deca, it is even more important for you to keep your estrogen levels in check. Higher estrogen will also make it harder to recover when you cycle off.

It could effect your sex drive if it goes to high (or too low for that matter, so you have to play with the dose). It can cause fat deposition in female places, hips chest etc.

Sure it may give you some extra bloat that may lead to more strength but not worth it IMO. Also I am sure many guys have done the same cycle without an AI before but really it is just not optimal.

Honestly you couldn't pay me to take the cycle you described without an AI.


Good to know. What do you think of 0.25mg ED?

Im not sure what you mean here. You mean not taking an AI can cause a temporary increase in strength?


This is good advice.

OP your cycle is by no means too low a dose for gyno to be a possibility. Plenty of people get gyno on 500mg/wk of aromatizeable AAS.

You should consider finding a reserch chemical variety of adex. I consider doing a cycle with aromatizeable AAS without an AI to be a half assed approach. Not as bad as omitting PCT but still half assed. Not trying to insult your ability to construct a cycle, just highligting the significance of an AI.


I would start at 0.5mg/d Adex and adjust as required. That means increase adex dose if high estrogen syptoms present and decrease adex dose if too low estrogen syptoms present.

Too high estrogen: bloating, moon face, puffy/sensitive nips, emotional, low libido

Too low estrogen: Achy joints, mental fogginess, low libido

For HCG it is recommended to drop it at same time as you stop test cyp so as not to suppress the reestablishment of LH & FSH just prior to the start of PCT.

As for your question on elevated estrogen increasing strength - yes, the additional bloat may make you stronger, but the trade off (see high estrogen symptoms above) is not worth it.