Adex Micro Dosing

Been doing my own TRT protocol for 3 months now, this is my 2nd go around. I quit 2 years ago because I started having siezures, and didn’t know what was causing it. Turned out not to be the stuff I was taking.
175mg weekly. Haven’t gotton any testing done since I came up low a couple years ago. it’s incredibly hard in in my situation, but I knows it’s important. But I’m about to sign up with a doc to get regular testing done.

I always see a lot of others with adex related side effects. I too have also crashed my E2 with letrozole.

I have a small scale. I empty out the contents of an arimidex pill and weight out a tenth of the total weight. Which is (. 10) milligrams. And I wash that down in some water when I’m feeling a tired and having mental fatigue. I start feeling better with in an hour, which seems weird.

Has anyone else noticed feeling better very quickly after taking adex?

I am super careful with adex, and wanted to share my experience with taking very tiny amounts.

I did this for a while. It was all in my head. After the second E2 crash I stopped. If it works for you then by all means do it.

Did you start feeling better within a couple hours?

I usually anticipate feeling like shit from it, so I know it’s not in my head.

The thing is I’m kinda fat. I’m like 270lbs 6’3" so I should have a pretty high estrogen level right?
Have you or anyone else ever seen lab results from a fat guy on TRT? I never had my estrogen checked.

a practitioner tested my serum T. And it came up just 10 points above the lowest of the normal range 351 (341-1196) and I was just 28 years old. So she said I was fine and told me I needed a therapist for my depression and Ed… What an idiot.