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Adex mg/mg


I think I remember reading somewhere that arimidex should be doses at 1mg for each 100mg of test.
Think it was Bones "the enraged" :slightly_smiling: that said it but as I am unsure do not quote me on that.
Do you really need that much adex? It would be a bitch if you did since it's pric is so damn high.
What I really want to understand is dosing it so that I can get the best of my cycle.

I already started to buy what I need but I would really not buy a truck of adex if I do not really needed.
Cycle would be Test E 1000/week for 10 weeks, Masteron 100/week for 10 weeks, Dbol 30mg/day for 4 weeks.

Why did I add the masteron? Well I got a free 10ml vial of it and since it's prop I really do not intend to inject it IM but still wanted to give it a try and see what's what.
So in the end, would I really need 11+ mg of adex/week?


My last cycle I ran I ran approx 1mg/week along 1000mg Test Prop, and experienced no sides whatsoever.

Maybe try slightly higher and see how you fare.

Also lol @ Bonez 'the enraged' - He's only enraged at stupid questions. Despite what your grade school teachers told you, there is such a thing as a dumb question. Also this is the internet era, to ask a 'knowledge' question on a forum is stupid because you could easily just use a search engine to find what your looking for.



Cool, thankx for the reply, I was just joking about Bonez, got nothing against him, I actually find it funny how he enrages.


I doubt that is what he said.

11mg a week of adex would crash your E2 levels.....


Think he said something about a study that talked about 1mg/100mg but I cant find the post.


I dont think youll find that post. I doubt Ive ever said to use that much adex for a AAS cycle.

Guys on TRT tend to need more AI than guys who cycle higher doses. Im not completely sure of the reason for that but I have an idea. Anyway, I may have said something along those lines in reference to a TRT thread but I really doubt I ever recommended that to someone. More likely that I just presented the information for what it us, anecdotal info; not an unequivocal truth


Yeah, you quoted some article but since I was reading to many posts at a time looking for adex dosing I kinda forgot exactly what you said, I just remember something about 1mg adex/100mg test...
And the idea that I might need that much adex kinda scared me, price wise.
But since people here say 1-1.5mg of adex should do it I'll start theer and hope I dont get tits.
BTW does anyone know why masteron prop has a funny, sweet smell to it?


Women and gay men find the smell of male hormones very appealing :slightly_smiling:


Maybe I'll make a parfume out of it and use it to get more pussy :))
But on a serious note, anyone ever felt that smell from masteron? The guy I got it from said it's just how it smells but then again I am not going to trust only his word...



You aren't smelling the masteron per se, you're smelling the BA or whatever oil they used as a medium. It's hard to say what they used, different brands of mast are going to have different smells.


So in the end masteron does stink :slightly_smiling:


One more adex question, can I just take 1mg/week split in 2? I have 1mg pills and it is hell to try and cut them into 4, you can bearly cut them even in 2.
And I end up taking more this week and less the next and so forth.


I use 1mg adex pills split into two and have no problems, though experience the same inconvenience when trying to split them into quarters.

I also find 1-2mg adex a week is adequate for up to (I've not used more so can't comment) about 1.1 grams of AAS a week.


Great, thanks for the reply, will split them in 2 and start at 1.5mg and go from there depending on what is what.


i would start at 0.5mg E3D, and titrate from there; but that's me.


So 0.5 monday, 0.5 thursday and 0.5 sunday?
I was thinking of doing 0.5 monday, 0.5 wednesday and 0.5 saturday. Same thing I guess...