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Adex - How Long to Take Effect?

I’m a pretty lean guy (10%bf), and since starting my first cycle three weeks ago I’ve gained nine pounds - I look like the friggin’ Pillsbury Doughboy. Kind funny. Kinda not.

Anyway, most of it is probably water weight, since I’m doing 40mg dbol every day. Also pinning 250mg test enanth E3D, but the test probably hasn’t started to do it’s thing much since I’m only in week three. SO, I’m assuming the water weight is from the dbol - I’ve started with .25 adex EOD - just wondering how long it will take for the adex to kick in. Next week is my last week with the dbol anyway (using it for a four week kick start for my test cycle) so I’m assuming the bloat will decrease on its own once he dbol disappears. Regardless, I’ll prob stay on a low dose of adex for the remainder of the cycle (.25 eod?).


You should see the water gain fall off about a week or so after stopping the Dbol, in fact many people just stop using it for the same reason, I felt like I had a belt made of water around my hips and belly.

Adex does help with bloat and usually within a few days, I think it’s best to run it 1/2 ml EOD. But if you find you don’t need it anymore than don’t use it. It’s pretty rough on the ol’ liver especially when you have dbol beating it up all ready.

Dbol can cause gyno as well so check yourself from time to time.

Best of luck

The effectiveness of adex will be felt within days. However its not some miracle drug that will strip the water off of you as some people seem to believe.

Clean your diet up and get rid of as much of the salt/sodium as you can. Adex will help, however diet is much more the determining factor regarding how much water your body will carry.

I would not up your dose at all past the .25mg eod unless you are experiencing gyno like symptoms. You do not want your estrogen levels to fall too low or that will have an effect on your gains as well.

Thanks, guys. My diet is veryveryvery clean, so that’s definitely in check. I’ll stick with the .25 EOD - although I also feel like I “have a belt of water” around my waist. hopefully it will dissipate within the next couple of weeks, since I’m off the dbol next Tuesday.

I’ll probably stay on the .25 throughout my whole cycle (12 weeks of 250mg test enanth E3D) unless I feel like I can dial it down later on. Will let you know. Other than that, the dbol has really felt nice in the gym - maybe it’s just I’m more psyched with this cycle, but my pumps are great and my strength is up-up-up…LittleRunt