Adex - how long post cycle?

I will be starting a 6 week 500mg/week sustenon cycle soon. I need to know how long to take adex after my last shot of sust. Does four weeks sound too long? If I am planning clomid for post cycle, do I need to worry about the adex post cycle.

Do not take Adex post cycle - at all.

one week post, then hit clomid. or use prop last week of cycle and then start clomid right away.

I was under the assumption that I would have to go adex post cycle because of the sust in my system weeks after my last shot?

i used adex as per Cy’s recommendations post-cycle and was very satisfied witht the results…

it was .23mg ED or EOD i believe…and estrogen levels were totally normal while using this protocol…i know this because i got tested.

that should read .25mg…typo.

Animal recommended running adex past the clomid and nolvadex and tapering off. Its a good protocol if you don’t drop estrogen below normal leves and don’t have cholesterol or bone loss issues. Taper the dose back if you don’t have any libido.