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Adex from Pharm or Research?


I have the option for either going for Pharm Adex or buying it from a research peptides company. The Pharm one is going to cost me around abouts twice as much then the later tho. Which one do you think I should choose?


If you have the funds to spare, buy the Pharm adex.

If you don't, buy the research chemical adex. Just make sure you purchases it from someone who is a trusted RC source.


Also be aware that just because Anastrozole is in pill form, does not make it pharmacutical grade (as in the quality control that comes from top pharm companies).

Pharm grade is still about $200 for 10-20x 1mg pills.


It depends on what kind "research company" is it. People that sell drug paraphernalia are called Under Ground Labs. I would use pharma adex over UGL adex, if the price difference is only 2x.

Genuine research peptides company (such as NovoEnzyme) are as good as human grade drugs, so i condsider them pharma grade. But peptide companies generally don't make anastrozole for research anyway, so i am guessing that you "research company" is just a regular UGL.


The Adex IS pharm grade, I am getting it from a pharmacy :P.

Its costing my $300 for 30x1mg tabs. The RPC is named after a heavy metal and a mythical creature, I guess a few of you know it. I am unsure of getting it from them after someone posting about them usinging less active chem then the amount said on there site.

I am now fairly certain that I am going to go for the Pharm Grade.


I would make sure the Pharm grade pills are in some shape that will allow you to cut them into .25mg pieces; e.g. Square, Circle


I really don't get all this underdosing... I mean if you look at RETAIL prices of raw materials, it barely makes sense to underdose. If you make a gazillion bottles a year, you're not paying retail for raws. It just doesn't seem to make sense to save a dollar a bottle for a $50/bottle product, when doing so will hurt your reputation for quality. Just seems goofy to me.


Ouch. If you can afford it, why not I guess. I know that seizure rates in Australia are extremely high, so I suppose you'd be taking a risk going with an RC source. I think I read the same thread as you... discussing that source, btw. There are certainly other RCs that I feel comfortable with... but if I didn't, my first alternative would be to use a certain well-known supplier of generic pharms, where they cost just under $2 USD each.


My friend recently snagged a generic brand version (Altraz) and paid around $25 for a 12 pack of 1mg tabs. Sounds a lot cheaper than the pharm grade version mentioned above - should that be a cause for concern about the quality ???


No worries. Generics are that much cheaper. The extreme difference in pricing is due to the fact that the generic in this case, Altraz, is directly infringing upon the original patent, particularly through its export to the US... as opposed to standard generics that are on solid legal ground (i.e. after the expiration of original patent terms). Certain countries (India in particular, Brazil in the past, etc...) have well-developed pharmaceutical industries that have largely operated domestically outside of international trade agreements & IP law (WTO/GATT).


Generic ICI anastrozole is $176AUD 1mgx30tabs, can't you get generics?
Or does that $300 include a bit of mark up from your source.


There is a mark up on said source for their troubles yes. Doesn't matter anymore have sourced it else where thanks to you guys. :slightly_smiling: