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Adex for PCT


I'm am currently doing a 12 week test E only cycle. 600 mg. All I have as a pct is adex. Is this ok? The guy a buy from didn't have anything else. If adex is ok, what dosage do you recommend. This is my first time. Thanks


adex is in no way a PCT drug. It won't work. Can you get nolvadex or clomid?


Adex is certainly better than nothing. It will stimulate gonadotropins production by keeping E2 low. However, with the ease of getting SERMs from research companies, it would be silly to use Adex alone. Google novladex research chemicals.


You can use adex, but, you'll need other drugs just like Flip said. Lgs said something important too, and I would add that adex can control strogen rebound after the cycle...