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Adex Dose is too High I Think


I had 80 estradiol in a ref range of 7 - 40 while taking 100mg test c E4D.
I got some adex and started taking .5mg E3D.

Since then my erections have gone way up, I feel less bloated, HOWEVER I’m extremely lethargic all day every day.
The pills are tiny and I can’t cut them any further down without crushing them. How should I adjust my dose?

I was thinking of .5mg E4D? After I take my shot?

If I must, I can go get my E tested again, but I would like to find a dose that feels good before I go get another test, so I don’t have to get too-frequent bloodwork.


This tells that your adex dose is NOT too high. Some lethargy is expected when taking AI’s, @cycobushmaster recommends to take AI during evening hours to deal with the lethargy.
Reagarding dosage, the general consensus in TRT context is 1mg Adex for 100mg Test/week divided into 0.25mg eod based on terminal half life of anastrozole. Your 100mg e4d T dose puts you on 175mg/week dose which mandates 1.75mg/week usage of Adex, but you still got to consider if you’re anastrozole over-responder.
To get accurate dosage of adex, @KSman recommends to dissolve 1mg tablet in 1ml of vodka and dispense by drops. For more info read the threads by KSman in T Replacement forums.


Hi james,

You can make a 1mg/ml solution of the pills in vodka. Anastrozole is soluble in alcohol.
Count drops per ml using a dropper bottle.
Do the math and dispense by the drop,

Try injecting twice a week and taking adex at that time.

See these links in the 2nd post of the 1st forum topic in T replacement forum:

  • advice for new guys
  • protocol for injections
  • things that damage your hormones

You problem could be thyroid as the increased/restored metabolic demands can outstrip what thyroid function can support. Ditto adrenals/cortisol.
Have you been using iodized salt long term?
Feeling cold easier now?
Outer eyebrows sparse?

You might be better off posting in T replacement.

Proper AI dose should not involve lethargy. Some BB guys take E2 too low and that can have several adverse effects.


Regarding your suggestion for doing 2x / week injections. What dose do you suggest I start out with, alongside the injection?

Also, regarding thyroid: I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis a few years back and take 125 mcg levothyroxine for it. Could the introduction of adex cause an issue with this?


Have you read the protocol for injections thread?

You can carry on with your old T dosing if RBC and hematocrit are good.

You gave mixed signals. Need lab work at some point.
Sounds like lower E2 is good for your erections but bad for brain/energy.
Try less anastrozole.
Going from E3D to E4D may not be enough.
I agree about feeling that dose is workable before doing labs.
A dose change takes 6-7 days to lead to steady anastrozole levels, so you can’t rush this or make multiple fast changes.

Anastrozole and E2 should not affect thyroid function.
You can monitor oral body temperatures when you wake up and mid-afternoon as thyroid dosing guides. Look for 97.7 or higher in the AM and 98.6 in the afternoon.

See thyroid basics explained in 2nd post of 1st forum topic in T replacement forum.
You should try to get fT3 and fT4 near midrange and this may push TSH very low.

TRT can lead to problems with low thyroid function when thyroid function does not support metabolic capacity to manage the restored metabolic demands of TRT. Ditto if cortisol is low.