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adex dosage

if 25mg of Dbol was the only aromatizable you were using, what dose of Adex would be adequate to combat sides? 25mg ed? 50mg eod?

alright man the dosage you posted for adex is wrong. The dosage is usually like .5mg a day, or every second day. Are you sure you have arimidex? If 25mg of dbol a day is the only aromatizing agent you are using, i don’t really think you will need any anti e’s. Keep some on hand just in case but you shouldn’t experience any problems at all.
Hope this helped somewhat

all depends on YOur body. I say start at .25mg eod. have nolva on hand. if any symptoms of gyno pop up, go to .25mged or .5mgeod.

.25mgs eod if you feel bloated and your nips hurt take it everyday at .25mgs.
That should do the trick.
Too much can mess with sex drive.
Estrogen is very important in many other ways as well. Don’t over do it.

If your looking to alter bodyfat pecentage with an anti-e you most likely be dissapointed.


sorry that should read .25mg of Adex. And yes it is VERY legit.