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Adex Dosage Recommendations

Im on 525 mg prop per week and adex .25 eod for 3 weeks now. Its my first cycle. I feel a little tired and sex drive is a little down, but thats it. No bloat, sore nips or anything. Just got my blood work back and test levels were >1500 and Estradiol was at 72. Is that extermely high? I know it needs to be in the 20-30 range.

How should I adjust my adex dosage based on the labs. I’m thinking .50 eod and get another blood test after a week. I dont want to kill my estro. What do you guys think?

anyone out there

What was the range for the Estradiol? If that is the Labcorp test, then yeah its pretty damn high. I would double my adex dose (same frequency, double dose). Really depends on how you feel though.

yeah it was labcorp. 7.6-42.6 range

Anyone else? Give me some opinions, please.

I would up the dose

Sounds like my new dosing protocol. I am still tweaking the ADX dose myself. At one point, I would chase my T levels with T injection dates. On injection date, I would do 1 mg, and subsequent dates, I would do .5 everyday. 2 mgs in 3 days to match 200 mg every 3 days, with 500 iu’s of HCG. At some point, after a few months, I slammed my E2 into the single digits.

I backed off on ADX for a few days, and the sore joints went away. Today, I am tweaking the ADX and titrating to effect. Example, .5 mg of DX every other day. Seems ok. I will need a another week or so to find the sweet spot. The ADX dose seems to be the easiest to adjust as its half life is so short.