Adex Dosage on Tren, Mast, Test

[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:

[quote]installglass wrote:
Almost 30 lbs… Really?[/quote]

well according to his most recent post, he gained almost 73 pounds in the first week lmao[/quote]

Yeah, but 22 lbs was water. I believe that. These are the type of results you can expect if you do AAS the way you are supposed to. I mean it only takes about 150,000 calories to achieve the 51 lb gain that wasn’t water weight. So a little over 20,000 calories a day plus maintenance. Yup totally realistic.

6’5" at 205 is skinny bitch material… and im guessing you weigh at night with your clothes on too…

put the drugs down and learn to eat and lift. then use the drugs… i’d bet alot of money you’ll get no where fast.

Check it out…