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Adex/AI Advice, Water Retention

Is Adex or an AI absolutely necessary when on a cycle?

I’m going to run Test-E for 10 weeks/500mg and Var 50mg ed for 8 weeks.

  • Does gyno tend to stay for the entire cycle length of the Test-E or does it come sporadically/at one time?

As a child and through puberty I did not experience gyno and was never on the heavy side of the scale, leading me to believe that I’m probably not prone to gyno. Does this serve as any indication of a gyno propensity?

  • Also, can water retention be minimized if low sodium intake is incorporated into my diet?

there’s more to E control than just bloating or gyno. Having your hormones all out of whack is no fun.

You should always use an AI on cycle. Just because you went through puberty and don’t get gyno how do you know when you inject 500mg a week you won’t get gyno? And once you get gyno its there until you do something about it, doesn’t go away when you come off.

If you have plenty of money for Var, not buying and taking some adex is russian roulette