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Adex Advice

I am starting my Test E Tren EQ cycle today

My question is this. I have 1mg tabs of A dex pills, Hard to split/cut them up

I am taking 600 mg a week One shot M W F

I am thinking of doing one pill on days that I shoot?

Any thoughts I know you need some estrogen for gains and a healthy drive but there is a fine line

Any thoughts? I have caber on hand for the tren 1mg a week

will one mg of a dex 3x a week be too strong or am I good there?

Got too bloated last time and estro was wayyy to high

all AI’s reduce estrogen 45-60% in males… that will leave you more than enough estrogen for your “gains”.

Adex has a half life of 2 days in males, so it should be dosed EOD

so you are pinning 1ml of each 3x a week?

Pinning Test E 3x a week 1ML
Pinning Tren 3x a week half a ml
Eq same as test 1ML 3x week

So one pill full mg of a dex on mwf is good to go? I know .25 EOD IS the standard but fuck I cant cut that up and do all that.

Also taking danazol doc prescribed to keep my FREE T levels high and not get bound up

Have clomid on hand I know thats more pct but some say it keeps the boys more full during cycle not sure

Again relatively new but those should answer your questions about my pinning

Thanks for the reply and advice

.5mg EOD should suffice, id recommend trying to cut the pill in half… they sell pill cutters at CVS

I would not recommend clomid on cycle, it raises prolactin and also causes mood swings in many who use it

Ok so I need to find some pill cutters take half EOD that my best bet it sounds like

I will drop the clomid for now. If it raises prolactin. Do you use it PCT? That will kill your libido as well raised prolactin levels,

Also ever used or known anyone who has used danazol? Keeping there test from getting too bound off? Figure it cant hurt?

I do not run PCT…

nor have I used danazol… ive heard it’s for treating gyno… not certain tho

Interesting I like to get different opinions why not PCT? just curious to see what your thoughts are?

I know everyone is different and their bodies

I ran PCT my last cycyle after I tapered off and honestly I dont think it did shit or helped me took me about 3 months to recover fully but I dont think the clomid and trib helped much to be honest cant get HCG

HRT = no coming off = no pct.

Forever pinning.