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I know it isnt a steroid, but anyone here use aderol? Well, use it for dieting?

I start dieting pretty soon, and I have an appetite from hell. I was bron hungry. Now I took dexadrene(spelling) once. It is similar to aderol, yet time released. It was a late night and I was passing out on the way to a bar, so I took one, and it woke me up, felt awesome, plus it killed my appetite.

I will be using cytomel and GH when I start dieting, as well as various AAS. but I need a little help with the appetite, and anything that could potentialy help the fat loss.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Its a great drug bro. But i would be careful on it. I’ve only taken it a few times myself. Basically it gives you really good concentration and drive to do shit. But it also can keep you up for days at a time.

I have an awesome tolerance for shit. I have taken 3 xanax and still couldnt sleep. anyway, I will give it a try, concentrating will be good for dating, help me listen to the bs women spit, this way I get laid gaster

Aderol is usually spelled adderall and is a methamphetamine (stimulant) given to kids with ADD. Much like ritalin but longer acting. Don’t use it too often, you might like it!

I had a small bottle of it that I got this summer from my friend who had a prescription.

Yes, it gives you motivation.
Yes, it kills your appetite.
And yes, its awesome to workout on.

I took it before a few lacrosse games this year along with DMAE and some caffeine and wow…endless endurance and focus. I ended up having the most goals in the tournament. Awesome pre-game/workout/study stuff.

Aderrall is the “Diet” coke and its fucking great

I played the majority of my Football games in college on it and I must say it is wonderful for that purpose. I was focused, quick thinking and actually calmed a little by it. Its also good for studying and partying.

Thanks guys for all the responses. I am going to see if I can get a script for it next week, and give it a shot. Cant hurt to be more focused, and have less of an appetite.

Adderrall is not suited for your purpose, in this case Rittalin is much better. I’ve used Rittalin Pre Contest before and must say it had a HUGE impact on my overall conditioning. In fact, while looking back over pictures the year I used Rittalin to diet and train was the year I got in my best shap ever. Rittalin is great for killing appetite, as I was having some serious problems because I was using EQ and my hunger was insane. Also, I was able to do quite a bit more cardio per day which allowed me to burn far more calories. My workouts were more intense, more focus…and one of the best things is that rittalin gives you a stronge sense of well being. I used adderall once and it was pretty good, leaves you with a very bad comedown in my opinion.

I’ve tried Adderol before, and it is a great drug for an energy boost and to help you focus. But since it’s a scheduled drug, it’ll be hard to get. I’ve taken Phentermine before and it’s just as good as Adderol IMO for giving you a boost and feels like it’s longer lasting. You can find sources online to order Phentermine…just fill out the questionairre (make it sound like you’re overweight) and you’re good to go.

Tren, great to see you back here. Tren and Mike thanks for the great info. I do not have a bad comedown from aderall. So I may give it shot, depends on what is easier to obtain. How much ritalin did you take, and up until what point? right up to the show? I will also look into dexadrene, I believe it is a time released aderall.

Ritalin is also a schedule one narcotic. Although any md can prescibe it for adults it mostly prescibed by psyc. doctors. There are various types and brands of ritalin. Concerta is the most stable of the sustained release type. If you happen to use conceta you may want to start with the low dose of 17mg. I think it is the lowest in concerta. If you are somewhat used to stimulants the 32mg will defineatly pick you up for 8-12 hrs. now, if you really want to rock your socks the 54mg will absolutely do it. If you happen to have only 54mg avalable cut it in half to make sure it does not over stimulate you. The other diet pills you get from your doctor will not compare to concerta “ritalin” You also cannot get refills of concerta due to it being a schedule 1 narcotic you have to go personally to the doctor & get it. @ least in my state anyway. Also concerta is not prescribed for dieting. It is only prescribed for adhd & narcolepsy a sleeping disorder.

no go on the aderrall. Doc was prescribing it till some ass overdosed on it and ended up in the hospital. But he said he will give me phentermine. what a cool doc.

He entered the office by saying" J. you got big…well you should have considering how high your fucking test levels were…11,000? damn, what the hell were you doing?.."

I almost started cracking up, then he wrote me a script for some cytomel, and gave me a hcg kit.

I’ve taken both of them frequently without a prescription, but I also live on a college campus so they are very easy to get. Out of all the drugs I have experimented with(besides aas), I’d have to say addi’s are my favorite. If you aren’t prescribed to them you have to be smart i.e. if you’re taking a 30 mg time released you need to take it early in the morning, lest you be up all night–until you develop a tolerance, that is. My favorite thing about adderall is not just it’s focusing ability while studying(why most people take it), but the pump you get while working out. Screw NO2, get your hands on some adderall. I’ll also take that stuff over yayo any day of the week–it’s a hell of a lot cheaper too.

Sorry about my rampage. Hell yeah adderall is badass for appetite suppression, energy, focus, and it puts you in a damn good mood(for me anyway).