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Aderal and steroid use

I take aderal (25-30 mg/ 2x day), to help me concentrate on my classes. Would taking a cycle of Test. effect this drug. I am thinking of trying the Gramabol cycle, if that makes a difference.

I’m dependent on that stuff too (ADHD). any of the stims will have the side effect of raising your blood cortisol levels (along with the usefull elevation of nor-epinephrine and dopamine), making it hard to add muscle. It seemed that methoxy 7 was good at countering this effect. I don’t see how other “supplementing” would in any way negate the meds. if anything it will help counter the cortisol elevation. just be careful coming off. both stims and steroids predispose you towards depression.

i’m not for sure, but it seems that the aderall may make you more ripped up than normal. although,if the aderall keeps you from eating enough, you won’t gain as much weight. aderall is dextroamphetamine, which was originally a diet drug.

I use the stuff as well (adderall) 40mg a day.
I Do not find it to be catabolic even during dieting cycles.
You will grow fine and probably benefit from the mood elevation of
both drugs. I know I do! :slight_smile:
According to a good source
Mentzer was at his best while using amphetamines
and androgens. (prior to the psychotic break).

Watch your blood pressure though
both tend to raise it a bit.

hope that helps

ummm… Mike Mentzer’s endorsement does not make me more comfortable about taking my psychiatric medicine.
on an unrelated note, anyone have experience in taking ephedrine or MD6 pre-workout while on the meds? I’ve noticed that Powerdrive doesn’t have any effect on top of dexadrine.

You might want to take some antioxidants with this cocktail.
ALA can prevent neurotoxicity induced by methamphetamine. Therefore, it
might be beneficial to add this supplement to
your stack. Selenium seems to work in this regard as well.

stay heathy!